How we get families and educators excited for Learning

Canvas LMS is an online learning system that is popular in the world and is highly respected and trusted by students and teachers. With our in-depth exploration of the education system and years of accumulated experience, we recommend cloud-based solutions for you.

Output Three Core Services

  • Localization
  • MaxMind safety
  • Response ASAP

Financial System

Accounting System tailored for Non-Profit international schools

  • Fully customizable synchronization without manual intervention
  • Tuition billing
  • Customizable invoice generator
  • Reports
  • Customizable workflows

Student Information System

Deep development of PowerSchool and iSAMS SIS

  • Server and service deployment
  • Platform integration and development
  • Plugin development
  • UI customizations
  • Data security

Learning Management System

Third-party software development for Canvas LMS and ManageBac

  • Service maintenance
  • Cross-platform integration and development
  • Customization via system API
  • UI customization
  • Data security and consistency

Savings and Inheritance

Thirteen years of accumulation in the education industry to create a cost-effective professional international school financial system

  • Security
  • Hardware isolation server
  • Security

Scholar Console

  • Tuition fee system for international schools
  • Flexible multi-level approval procurement system
  • Easily connect to major SIS systems
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