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What we do?

On the premise of ensuring the stable and high-speed operation of Canvas, we can save you nearly 30% of operation and maintenance costs, and more importantly, 100% data localization.

Ecological Research

From planning to launch, Canvas must integrate the needs and opinions of various parties in the school. We will actively cooperate and participate in order to provide solutions that are more suitable for the production environment.


Regardless of cloud or local deployment, we provide a complete set of installation and deployment services. With our leading cloud deployment capabilities, even on local servers, we can still deliver Canvas instances through the cloud at the fastest speed.


We have nearly 10 years of experience in the use and secondary development of PowerSchool and iSAMS, and can provide a complete SIS system integration solution for a variety of complex needs.

Various Options

For different budgets and needs, dozens of technical researches and judgments, excellent performance and smooth user experience are consistent.

Small Medium Recommended Large
Enrollment 200~500 1000~2000 2000+
Server 4Core / 16GB RAM 8Core / 32GB RAM 12Core / 32GB RAM
Storage /user 5G~15GB 15GB~30GB 30GB~50GB
Bandwidth 5MBps 10MBps 20MBps
Rich Content Editor
SIS Integration
Single Sign-On

The server can be built locally by itself or purchased cloud server products, and authorize us to configure and install it.


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First, let us get to know you well enough to get a custom Canvas cloud demo instance and get a discounted price.

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