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Our Mission

Keep customer data secure, highly available, and as integrated as possible.


Assist customers to standardize the basic settings of PowerSchool to keep the system healthy and iterate continuously.


According to customer needs, provide PowerSchool full-site interface customization.

Master Schedule and Grade Book

Assist clients in completing the customization and planning of the annual master schedule, regularly issuing transcripts and other complex and tedious operations.

Plug-in Development

Customize and develop PowerSchool plug-ins to realize complex functions or interfaces


Develop system integration using internationally accepted standard protocols, such as Canvas, Blackboard, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SDS


Free technical support to answer difficult problems for you

PowerSchool Cloud Solution

The deployment of PowerSchool in the cloud not only guarantees security, but also greatly reduces the cost and pressure of school maintenance.

  • 3x Speed Up
  • Millisecond Backup
  • 365 Days Online

Consult a technical advisor

In order to better help you understand the cloud migration plan, please collect the following information and contact a technical consultant to provide you with free cloud migration steps and budget assessment.

  • Current number of students and staff
  • Whether the school has deployed the PowerSchool server on-premises
  • Whether the school PowerSchool related technicians onsite
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