Website Relocation Plan

Comply with security regulations, improve user experience, save costs, and respond to emergencies. Are you ready?

Three Core Guarantees

Industry consensus: No matter how beautiful an official website is, fast access, stable and secure operation, and the ability to face attacks calmly are the top priorities.

  • Partnership with major cloud providers
  • Transparent pricing
  • Professional quality

Guarantee 1: Dedicated Server

We will configure a dedicated server for you and provide full-year operation and maintenance services to ensure that the server is always running stably.

  • Elastic server, exclusive bandwidth
  • Network physical isolation, whitelist access permission
  • Independent database server, data security is as solid as a rock
  • High-speed RSSD cloud storage disk

Guarantee 2: Redis + CDN Static/Dynamic Separation

Additional Redis cache server and CDN content distribution service to reduce data access frequency and significantly improve page access speed.

  • High speed write
  • High hit rate
  • Distributed deployment

Guarantee 3: Second-level Backup

With the rapid deployment capabilities of cloud computing, once the website is subjected to a devastating attack, we can restore the website backup to the redundant server within a few minutes without you having to pay any additional fees.

  • Can be backed up daily, hourly, or even per second
  • Scheduled server snapshot
  • Cross-region clone

Gather major cloud providers to provide diversified cloud options:

Sophisticated Design

Since 2007, we have experienced several changes in Internet front-end design. From the previous table-based text and graphics to the current rich media responsive pages. After more than 10 years of communication with international schools, we know exactly how to create a clear and smooth browsing experience and create various appropriate high-end experiences.

Efficient Management

With the help of modern website design tools, the construction of websites is no longer a boring pile of text and graphics, but a real design of a lively and dynamic website. And all of this will be controlled by you from here, no longer subject to others, while saving a lot of budget every year!


If the school website cannot be restored to normal operation within 2 days due to our technical defects or human negligence during the service period, our company will provide a full refund.