How to get Canvas LMS integrated with Azure Directory and Office 365 for User Authentication

Published: 2 September, 2022


Add an identity provider and select Microsoft no matter which Microsoft product to be integrated with your Canvas LMS.

Canvas LMS Authentication Provider


Get the Application ID from the Azure Portal. The statement on Canvas is out-dated. You should register your App from Azure Portal instead of the Microsoft App Registration Portal. 

Application registrations portal is no longer available to register and manage converged applications. We recommend that ​you manage your existing applications and register new applications by using the App registrations (now Generally Available) experience in the Azure portal. ​

Learn more in the blog announcement.

Launch the new App registrations experience in the Azure portal.

You will get the Application ID once you get your App registered.


After a new App created, you need to assign a secret key for it. Learn more about How to register an Application in Azure.


Enter your own tenent, you can get it from your Azure domain page.


Change the Login Attribuite to email.


Read the tips for provisioning attribute fields.


Check the checkbox for email attribute. It means we use the user email as a primary index for each user. And it will be used for new user creation only.



Now you have configured a new authentication provider for your Canvas LMS. Open a new browser and try to login via your Azure Directory by opening a URL like this: , the login page should be redirected to the Microsoft login landing page. Remember to setup your landing page with your branding assets.

If you logged in successfully. Go to the users directory, and find the new automatically created user. You will see the Authentication Provider identifier mark.


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