PowerScheduler Checklist: Load Only

For schools that want an automated process to schedule students into classes. The process loads students into the master schedule, i.e., assigns sections to students so that they have schedules for the upcoming school year. These schools usually create the master schedule manually, or by copying the master schedule from a previous year. Keep in mind that the Load Only process assumes that there are no changes to Days, Periods, or Terms.

Oracle Database Backup and Restore Guide

This guide describes the backup and recovery process and the steps necessary to restore the PowerSchool 12.x or later database server from a database datapump. For recoveries that require restoring the RMAN backups or restoring to a point-in-time.

Installation Guide for PowerSchool

The PowerSchool installer allows you to manage your PowerSchool deployment. It installs the database and application for a specific server, and it configures per-server settings such as database and web server ports, passwords, and file paths.

Server Virtualization Requirements and Configuration Guide for PowerSchool

Server virtualization within IT environments has become a popular concept to reduce costs and effectively utilize resources in IT infrastructure through server consolidation. VMware vSphere®, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Hypervisor, and other server virtualization platforms can be successfully used to host virtual machines as virtualized PowerSchool SIS servers.

PowerSchool 21.x System Requirements

This document contains the hardware and software requirements for implementing PowerSchool 21.x Student Information System, including PowerTeacher Pro, and is designed to guide customers with fewer than 15,000 enrolled students. The equipment and resources listed herein are required to ensure proper system usability and the highest quality user experience possible.